Introducing Relay: The Postlight Design Sprint


Turn your big idea into a buildable blueprint, in just 10 days.


Matt Quintanilla


At Postlight we’ve worked with numerous clients at nearly every stage of the product life cycle, shipped products big and small, with internal teams and on our own. The biggest lesson we’ve learned over the past three years: To build and ship amazing digital products, you need to start with both a product vision and a product plan. Putting that plan together can be daunting, especially for teams that haven’t delivered a platform for their product before or are caught up in the day-to-day business grind. Postlight can break it down for you. We’ve taken our approach of design-led product strategy mixed with world-class engineering prowess to develop Relay, the Postlight Design Sprint. ## Not your typical design sprint When you’re thinking about building a new product or gathering consensus around what features to add to an existing product, you can’t go wrong with a design sprint. They come in many flavors, but the Google Ventures Design Sprint is the most well-known. There’s case study after case study proving how successful a jolt of focused design thinking can help revitalize an existing product. But we’ve found traditional design sprints require too many busy executives to commit too many hours into a too-rigid schedule. Even modified versions require decision-makers to clear multiple, consecutive full days on their calendar to complete a sprint. And more often than not, these design sprints can get consumed with exercises that feel like design theater. Asking people who have never opened Sketch before to become designers-for-a-day is challenging—and doesn’t lead to the best results. ## What Relay is—and isn’t Relay is built around the idea that the right people should be engaged at the right time so that they can focus on doing their work—and we do the rest. Postlight makes sure your team is on board at every step, weighing in on wireframes, user journey maps, visual designs, and prototypes. Spanning just 10 days, your Relay team will ship an actionable plan with the essential accompanying prototypes and presentation deck that can jumpstart any big idea. Postlight is a full-service digital product studio that has the experience building scalable platforms with effective product design to get jobs done. We’re ready to leverage our experience shipping product to accelerate more teams to deliver. Relay is the first, critical step in a long journey for your product, and Postlight is looking for partners in exploring design sprints together. What big idea can we help you do a Relay for? Get in touch: Matt Quintanilla is a Partner and Director of Product Design at Postlight.